Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pirates Jubilation

It was Pirates’ day, and mine too. It was their third consecutive victory and my first ever experience to watch a baseball game, and at a place not less than the Home of Pirates, PNC Park. It’s surely good luck for a new Pirates supporter, who is learning to love the city, to see the home team finish 3-1. The Pittsburgh Pirates were not ready to let any space to Cincinnati Reds, and simply kept the spectators dancing.
Mascots of the Pirates and the green bird added to audiences' amusement by dancing and shooting hot-dog and T-shirts to different corners. I was simply amazed to see people’s love for the game.
It reminded me how mad people of my country for cricket. Thanks Greg for taking me to the stadium. The fireworks after the match would make the match more memorable. It seemed the whole sky would catch fire any moment.
Watch my videos: * Home of Pirates celebration
* Pirates' victory
Photo: (L) My mentor, Greg Victor, and I posing as the Pirates were preparing to pitch, (R) a Pirates batter -- wearing Jackie Robinson's No. 42 in a show of respect to the baseball great -- hitting a Reds delivery.

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