Friday, April 20, 2007

international presentation

For even a single moment I could not feel how one hour passed by as I was talking on the misdeeds of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats of my country. Mostly elderly persons, the audience at my presentation at Indiana Council on World Affairs wednesday took cues from my speech.
As i was attending their questions, I felt I did not fail to hold my audience's attention throughout the whole presentation. Besides asking about corruption, people's reaction to the rule of a military-backed interim government, the audience was also curious about women empowerment, natural calamities, environmental degradation, religious fanaticism and role of journalists.
While replying, I rediscovered the confidence that spurred me in my worst days to stride ahead. Didn't I bleed inside too when an elderly lady asked me where I got the leadership spirit that made me stand up for my fellow countrymen and clasp to an optimism to dream even under such a darkened sky? Yes, I am rediscovering how much I miss my country, and learning to love it more. I don't know why I get my eyes wet.

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