Sunday, April 29, 2007

being online

I sat with the breaking news section of our online section whole day Thursday to see how the how it functions in terms of collecting reports from reporters and wire services and uploading those. It is because one of my main goals is to learn how the online section functions because I think digital convergence of newspapers has no alternative.
Prior to sitting with the online section, I attended its morning meetings where the plan about days works to have an idea how the plans are implemented. I was very curious especially about uploading audio clips and blogs on the web page.
Besides observing how he receives inputs from reporters, edits and uploads their items, I also wrote two small stories Thursday and saw those being uploaded. I was amazed to see how fast he edits stories besides sorting dispatches from wire services and PR agencies. The news treatment is also a matter of great curiosity because a number of stories and dispatches are coming.
Another online staff was updating the home page continuously with the uploading of new stories; it’s a totally technical matter. Without understanding that much, I just saw her updating the page in moments and posting photographs as required.
I also saw the online function Friday. I sat beside Mike to see how he uploads interactive map to the web page.
It is very interesting to see how the whole section operates – coordinating with reporters covering different events to get their stories, photo slides, audios and blog inputs at the earliest and uploading those.
The online section is hell of team!
The whole operation is aimed at better serving the readers, the effort is tireless and always seeking innovative and interesting ways. That's why I am so much interested in it.

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