Sunday, May 6, 2007

Diary: Week Five

Continuing from the preious week, I sat with the online section on the first two days of last week to observe how they opearte during the busy hours, after the afternoon. Sitting beside the man who put to live all the sections on the home page and ensure that all the sections are put to live appropriately: the story, the audios, videos are there and the links and interactive maps working appropriately. He also gives headines and adds one para, to some, stories on the the home page.
As I've mentioned in my training plans, I'm very much interested to learn the whole operation. I learned some techniques of writing headlines, cutting short the ledes, and above all , working under stress.
However, let me make it clear that I didn't going to try to learn the technical things, it's too complex.
Then I started at my base, feature section where my desk is. I was told that I'll be made to remain very busy and I got a story to write which would go on the next magazine issue. It is on Mars Weekend celebration at Carnegie Science Center. You know, I felt home when I started working in the section. The following day, I write an obituary. I don't know why I am growing my interest in writing obituary, I am really getting interested in people more and more. As I am interviewing people, I'm also learning interviewing techniques.

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