Monday, May 21, 2007

Diary: Week Seven

I joined business section Wednesday (May 16) and went out with a business reporter to cover the annual meeting of Wabtec at Duquesne Club. It did not turned out to be a good story but I had an idea of business farms, although it is not that much big one. I talked with the CEO who said they also supply Bangladesh brake-shoes for trains.
We also talked with a number of traders at Market Square near the famous PPG building to know about business drop as shooting of a movie was going on blocking the streets.
As I was interviewing, I got a sense about trade here.
And I am learning gradually how to interview people from different walks of the American society, which is giving me an insight into American society.
I met an Bangalee businessman, Akhil Mishra from Kolkata, there who, with his wife, runs a shop named 'Giggles'. He came to Pittsburgh 40 years ago.
However, rest two days of the week did not turned out to be very productive as the person who was supposed to assign me my task did not find anyone to tag with or anything to do. I just read business stories these two days.
I was sick Tuesday.

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