Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Diary: Week Eight

I worked last week in feature section. For the first time I was writing a book review, though I wrote some 'non-professional' reviews of drama during my stint as a university correspondent. This time, it's a baby book, "Cheep! Cheep!", written by a former Pittsburgher and illustrated by Carol Baicker-McKee, a resident of a neighborhood named Mt. Lebanon. It has been written for parents and caregivers to read it out before the toddlers ages birth to 18 months so that they have an easier time learning to read. It has been chosen as one of the best 10 books written for toddlers and published in past one year.
While writing the story, the editor of lifestyle section taught me different aspects of writing children book reviews. I also had some sort of
understanding of literature meant for children. I would like to work on this later when I find time.
Besides also writing an obituary, I was also working on two other stories last week. One of this would go to health and science page while one to food section. I don't want to disclose the topics before those come out.
As I have mentioned in my fellowship goals, I want to learn feature writing, and enjoyed my time there. It is the reason I came back to feature last week. I'm learning writing features on different topics.
Although I am scheduled to begin my weeks in health section, where I intend to work last two months of my f
ellowship, on June 25, I got an idea and has started working on a story. It'll be a major story. I want to develop expertise to work as a health reporter.

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