Saturday, May 12, 2007

going cricket

Bangladesh flag is going to fly for the first time in a Pittsburgh cricket ground if everything goes fine till tomorrow. I am going to play in the 2007 cricket league in Pittsburgh which, in fact, begins today. I am not sure, but if I am among the first 12, I'll see my flag flying there at the stadium. "We couldn't fly your flag here as we didn't find any cricketer from Bangladesh. But we hope to do it this time," Shailesh Bokil, captain of our team, Strikers, told me before we began practice Wednesday. I liked this tall Indian man, who is also the chief of Pittsburgh Cricket Association and his deputy Mahesh Nanda not only because they know cricket very well but also because they are nice as human being.
I am joining the team as a medium pace bowler, although there are several very good bowlers. That's the reason I am afraid whether I would find place in the team. haha. Although most of our players are Indians, we have players from Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Scotland. However, I am happy to find Reg Henry, my newspaper's editorial staff and reputed columnist who is the gentleman personification in our team, as a teammate. This Aussie batsman have no lack of enthu even in his late fifties and it is he who helped me feel like home here in Pittsburgh by enrolling me in the team.

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