Wednesday, August 1, 2007

From hay day to doomsday

As trucks lined up yesterday at Banglabandh land port to carry jute goods to Nepal for its growing carpet industry, an opposite development took place in Bangladesh. The curtain finally fell on the four state-owned jute mills marked to be closed down by the caretaker government.
This latest move, sudden and widely debated, has once again brought to the fore discussions about the future of jute, globally and in Bangladesh, Inam Ahmed writes in The Daily Star.

"And at the centre of the debate lies a number of critical issues -- slow productivity in the jute industry complicated by even slower to come technological improvement, lack of domestic support for jute and rather incentive for discarding jute farming, the immediate global jute trade pattern that shows an uncertain situation but somewhat rosier picture in the long term, the diversification of products and so on."
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