Sunday, July 22, 2007

Diary: Week Sixteen

It was quite a dull week for me, and I did not at all had any luck. Not only that I could not produce any new story, I had to abandon my New York visit plan for something that apparently turned failure.
I was trying
deliberately to reach some ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) patients, physicians, psychologists and teachers as I started the week to finish my story on ADD, which I began by the end of last week. I had a good list of patients and doctors.
Since it's a complex issue and there are myths and misconceptions about ADD, which is also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, I was trying to write a comprehensive story and present it in an interesting way.
Although I tried my best to reach them, I called each on the list several times and left messages, no-one of them responded till last Wednesday. And, above all, I did not find their information that much interesting.
I luckily came in touch with the mother of a child patient who turned out to be very helpful and useful.
When I submitted it Friday, I think I submitted a good story.
My wife's sister, who live in INdianapolis, was supposed to come to my place
and her family and pick me up this weekend. We're supposed to go to Niagara Falls. And this is the reason I had to cancel my plan to go to NY with Aresu and Yi Lou.
I was looking for such an opportunity to go to NY and could not catch it when it reached my door. When everything was set, my relatives told me they can't come this week, we needed to defer the tour.
And I lost both.

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