Saturday, June 9, 2007

welcome to the past

Don Barnes would give several options for those looking for a journey back to the past and would also take a ride with them. Guessing from the external look of his Harlansburg Station that it is just a railway station would be a mistake because the visitors can also embark on a voyage by planes, riverboats or automobiles, though virtually, there in small town of Harlansburg.
"I've tried to put things in a way that those seem still operational," the retired US Air pilot, now 70, said as he was talking about his venture of presenting how people of past days lived through.
His love for collecting antiques, which he felt in his childhood, now provides the new generations an opportunity to get idea not only about old day trains, planes, riverboats and automobiles but also about old teletype machine, cumbersome phones and even present day police motorcycle. "We are more than just trains."
In his museum, past does not grow old. You will hear the sound of steam engine, hear train whistle, get old garage smell, find age old automobiles, now-no-more railcars, riverboats, Second World War pilots' uniform. Just make sure you don’t stop seeing the red light after entering the museum. Don welcomes visitors to share his joy and take a dip into history.

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